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 Renew Our Hearts

This CD contains 12 songs for use in liturgy, prayer and classroom RE Curriculum.

Songs are suitable for Eucharist, Confirmation, Advent, Lent as well as reflection songs.

Check FIND-A-SONG for themes.

Song Titles

Music Samples

1. A Faithful Heart

2. In Him Through Him

3. Renew Our Hearts

4. Let The Children Come

5. Walk Into The Light

6. I'm Coming To You Lord

7. We Eat This Bread

8. The Kingdom In Me

9. Could You Not Stay

10. Never Alone

11. His Witnesses

12. On Us Breathe



p1040770  Renew Our Hearts - CD
Contains: CD

p1040777 Renew Our Hearts - Instrumental CD
Contains: Instrumental CD ideal for reflective music or to accompany singing.


Renew Our Hearts - Music and Resource Book
Contains: Sheet music with guitar chords, song lyrics, prayers, reflections and related scripture for each song. A great resource for group or personal prayer.

Renew Our Hearts - Package

Contains: CD, Instrumental CD and the Music and Resource Book.

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